Welcome Now. We are live!

by ALENA N April 01, 2017

   Yassssss! Our website officially launched!

   It's been quite a journey to make this launch happen. Pushing back dates, endless editing, re-evaluation and changing things over and over again. At times we were doubting we can make it all the way. 
But YOU guys and your amazing support cheered us all the way and was a tremendous boost to keep us going! So here we are!
    We are totally encourage you to take a look around. We've changed a few things compare to our old Etsy Shop. Here are a few spotlights on what's new.

   Unfortunately,we had to give up a big part of our completely customized items. As much as we loved to build exclusively custom costumes, it required so much time and resources , so we were very limited in the amount of total orders we were able to accept, without quality loss. Implementing some changes will help us to serve you much faster and more effectively. 

   We were very excited to see all the love our LED masks received , so we decided to expand our variety line. We are planning to grow the selection bigger in next few months and definitely would love to hear your ideas on that!

   Another good news that our new website will be much easier to manage for us and navigate for you. It means we will be able to spoil you with more discounts, flash sales and other events. Want to start saving today? Join our rewards program for FREE and earn points to get discounts on your future purchases.  

   Our new website is our new milestone! And this little celebration would be impossible without YOU ! We are definitely planning many many more surprises to come in next couple of month. But for now it's important for us to thank you again for being with us and joining us on this fun adventure! 

Sincerely, Alena.

Let us know what you think of our new website and new collection! What do you like/dislike about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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