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Odesza Light Up Backpack Black/Rainbow


Size Guide

As a true fan of Odesza you can't miss this gorgeous backpack to impress your fellas. It's a rare gem and won't last long!


  • Handcrafted from scratch.
  • Bright and colorful rainbow logo outlined with high quality neon green EL Wire ( light up cord)  has 3 modes: off, standby on, flickering light(speed and brightness can be adjusted by you)
  • 9V battery controller (battery not included) will last you at least ONE FULL DAY at the festival. 
  • 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep. Single compartment backpack with a small pocket for the battery fits most large festival requirements( guaranteed!)
  • Large enough to fit all your festival necessities, but small and light enough for you to forget you have it on your back. 
  • Part of the straps are elastic , so one size will fit most. 


1. Wipe your backpack with soft wet cloth when needed. (NO MACHINE WASHING!!!!) You can gently hand-wash the elastic part of the straps. Let it air-dry after.

2. Keep it away from direct sun-light and open heat when stored, to keep colors vivid and faux leather in a good condition.

3. Keep it away from chemicals.

4. Our backpacks will resist moisture and wetness just well. Little rain, minor water leak from the bottled liquids, or splash of water at the festival won't damage your backpack( all the wires securely sealed). However, try to avoid soaking your backpack in water/other liquids. It will be a good idea to wrap your battery pack in additional plastic coat(Ziplock will work).


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