Our prices are not negotiable and subject to change at any time without further notice.

  • For our pre-made items we are working only with top-quality suppliers. Once our pre-made inventory arrives we test the durability, quality and comfort of sample pieces first. Furthermore, we hand check each item before sending it out. If we missed something on the point of the quality control and we receive negative feedback from our customers, we discontinue the product. 
  • For our handcrafted in the house items we carefully choose and examine each and every supply part used in the making process. After the item is constructed, just as with our pre-made items, we test comfort , durability, parts and overall quality. After that item will either be further modified for the desired quality or discontinued.
    • All of our House items are designed and handcrafted completely from scratch. 
    • We proud of our quality and price our items accordingly. 

Please Note: It's important for us to collect as much of a feedback data on our products as possible, so we can either improve them to desired quality or discontinue. 



Currently we have to limit our custom orders to modification of the styles or similar styles of our existing designs. With time it became overwhelming to keep excessive inventory, so we had to give up a big part of our custom orders. As of right now we are only accepting custom orders, which uses the supply we have in stock. 

Reducing the amount of custom orders will help us to fulfill our current orders a lot more faster and effectively. Meaning you will have shorter wait time. 

  • If you would like customize one of our existing designs or if you want us to make custom piece in similar style, please, contact us via email, so we can discuss it.
  • Customized orders are subject to additional charge, which will include design, labor and any additional materials price. 
  • Turnaround of a custom pieces will be discussed individually
  • Custom pieces require 30% deposit. If the work on your piece already started and you changed your mind, we will withhold the deposit. 
  • Custom designed pieces are 100% non-refundable and can not be exchanged. 


Please Note!!! Even if you came up with the idea for custom order order,  we will be the ones to develop final design(s), pattern(s),technology(ies) and finally construct the item, bringing it to life! Therefore, we reserve the rights to recreate ANY of designs, which are made and constructed by us as many times as needed, as well as use it for the commercial purposes and profit, unless otherwise were discussed.